One Plate at a Time

SKAFTIEN is a recurring community-based meal that generates and democratically awards micro-grants for creative, experimental and innovative arts projects in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. At each SKAFTIEN, attendees purchase a ticket for which they receive a meal, a ballot, and entertainment. During the meal, the diners listen to five proposals so as to cast up to two votes for their favourite project/s. We are interested in ideas that, in their experiential form may not attract funding from conventional sources, yet contribute fresh perspectives on the relevance of the arts. The winner of the popular vote is awarded a grant funded by the proceeds of the event, and is asked to present the manifestation of the project at the next event.

For Joburg's SKAFTIEN # 3 we decided to take a break to reflect. See how we plan to do it here.

SKAFTIEN is neither charity nor a funding institution. It does not seek to be objective because nothing ever is. It seeks to be accountable, responsible and relevant. SKAFTIEN is an experiment in independent cultural philanthropy, and is inspired by Sunday Soup in Chicago, FEAST in Brooklyn, and the numerous independent chapters that have developed in recent years. Closer to home, SKAFTIEN is informed by STOKVEL as a practiced by Keleketla! Library and its affiliates, a long term 'study' of community-based saving scheme popular in townships and rural areas of Southern Africa.